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Starchat on the VivaPlus

STARCHAT on The VivaPlus

(2005. 02. 28.)


VanillaNinja Hey everybody! Lets start with the chat then....
<MeMyself> When did you start making music?
VanillaNinja 3 years ago with vanilla ninja
<xxpurzelxx> Werdet ihr nach euren Konzerten noch Autogrammstunden geben?
VanillaNinja We have a autograph hour in Saturn in Köln on the 14th march!
<angel_vanessa> Have you written the song 'I know' by your self? I like it very much!
VanillaNinja We love it also, but we didn't write it ourselves...but on the album...we wrote 3 songs!

<blueninja> Was wollt ihr in der Zukunft noch erreichen? Vanilla Ninja ihr seid mega cool!
VanillaNinja We wanna give a great tour in april.....and then we wanna continue with all the good songs and albums and so on....hehee
<angel_vanessa> How many songs are on your next album?
VanillaNinja 12 +extras
<DerFrager> How old are you?
VanillaNinja Piret-21,Kati-21,Lenna-19,Triinu-17!
<blueninja> Wie bewältigit ihr Lampenfieber?
VanillaNinja We are not nervous...we just have a lot of fun together all the time and make stupid jokes.

<aev> What do you think how old your fans are?
VanillaNinja From 1 to 100...hahaaa!
<xxpurzelxx> Könnt ihr schon gut deutsch?
VanillaNinja ja wir können deutsch
<angel_vanessa> What kind of music are you listening to?
VanillaNinja Look at the clips...right 'Good charlotte'!
<Maus123> How did you choose your name Vanilla Ninja?
VanillaNinja'Vanilla' goes for our light hair,and that we are girls..and 'Ninja' goes for our music..and tough characters..!Fits good!
<MarciMarc> You became famous over night. How does it feel?
VanillaNinja Are we famous? The way to sucsess has been hard for us..we have had to do a lot of work to achieve what we have right now!

<angel_vanessa> Is there another group before you on the tour 2005?
VanillaNinja Yes, we have Gracia on tour! And maybe some more acts..
<Puppenspieler> Your Videos are always nice to watch. Where did you shot them? And who gets the ideas for those?
VanillaNinja 4 of our videos have been done in Berlin, and one <blue tattoo> in iceland and one in mallorca <indians>! The ideas come from us and our producer David Brandes!
<Sternschnuppe> How long do you know each other?
VanillaNinja Forever...we know us very long time allready. Triinu is the newest, but we know allready many-many years!
<vanilla-ninja4ever> What are your hobbys? Vanilla Ninja, you are the best!
VanillaNinja Thanks we don't have time much for hobbies..but we like sports and reading..and movies..and musicccccccccccccc!

<littlegothgirl> Kennt ihr deutsche Künstler?
VanillaNinja We know many many manyyyyyy... but we like silbermond, rammstein, fettes brot, 4lyn!
<angel_vanessa> What is the song you will sing for switzerland in the Eurovision?
VanillaNinja Cool vibes!
<Fan> Are you planning a collaboration with any other artist?
VanillaNinja You never know what life brings!
<Hannilein12> Do you have a single which you hear all the time at the moment?
VanillaNinja Fettes Brot - Emanuela
<r3born> Wer hat sich für die heißen Outfits entschieden?
VanillaNinja We ourselves!

<Kaffeetrinker> Do you like german food?
VanillaNinja Yes and No. Estonia still rocks for us!<LOVEEEE>
<GAST> Whats your Idol ?
VanillaNinja We don't have an idol..we just like many artists!
<GAST> Have you got a favorite soccer club?
VanillaNinja Yes i have <Lenna> estonian nationalteam!
<peparc> What is a traditional christmas dinner in Estonia?
VanillaNinja Sauerkraut, Blutwurst, Kartoffeln....
<Malte> Are you planing a tour through germany?
VanillaNinja Yes from april the 1st-till 19th
<kickspriter16> When comes your new album?
VanillaNinja on the 14th of march.and the same day we are in saturn in köln! come to see us

<blueninja> Was war eure aller erste CD? Mit welchem Song habt ihr in Estland angefangen?
VanillaNinja Our first single in estonia was called 'nagu rockstaar'!
<GAST> Hi seit ihr hiernach wirklich bei 17 <VIVA>? Ps: Ihr seit super!
VanillaNinja We perform there our new song 'i know' wich came out today!
<GAST> Wo habt ihr das Gitarre spielen und so gelernt? In einer Musikschule? I love you! Rock on!
VanillaNinja With privat-teachers and by ourselves!
<bluetattoo13> I'm one of your estonian fan , and I don't speak english well , could I write here in estonia?
VanillaNinja estonian person..tsjauka!
<MeMyself> Do you sing while having a shower?
VanillaNinja Sometimes yes......

<ninjagirl115> Was macht ihr gegen Liebeskummer?
VanillaNinja We listen to good music...when you're really lovesick then the rough rock songs help the most...and of course we talk to each other when we have problems..
<Julius> What are your plans for the future?
VanillaNinja We have many 14. march new album 'blue tattoo' comes out! 1-19. april we are on german tour..and in may we go to grand prix to represent switzerland..and after that we probably go to japan to give some concerts...
<KarateKid> What was the last cd you´ve bought?
VanillaNinja Lenna - Simple Plan, Triinu - Good Charlotte, Kati - Die Happy, Piret - Finger Eleven

<lukasfan123> How would you describe yourself?
VanillaNinja We are tough like ninjas and nice like vanilla!
<fliege> Do you like it to be popular?
VanillaNinja hmmm..yes it's quite nice but the popularity is not the main goal for us..we just want to make good music and if popularity comes with this then it's ok with us..
<Fänny> Do you remember your first gig together?
VanillaNinja Yes, it was a christmas party of our estonian record company in was really funny. We were so nervous!
<r3born> Did you enjoy your trip to Japan? What did you do there?
VanillaNinja In Japan was so coooool! We fell in love with japan!We wanna go back already soon...the people were very nice and friendly!

<Nielpferd> Did you ever forget the text on stage?
VanillaNinja Yes, it has happend...many times!
<KittyFan> Did you make any experience that changed your life a lot?
VanillaNinja Becoming together as a band...
<citygirl13> Euer neues Video 'I Know' ist cool, worum handelt es sich eigentlich genau???
VanillaNinja It's about a relationship. And a bad boyfriend....we just go and save the day. We are in the right time in the right place!
<blueninja> Was für Preise habt ihr schon bekommen? Wie war es am Freitag bei The Dome 33?
VanillaNinja The Dome was fun like always!
<Löwenherz> Do you have a ritual before every concert?
<VanillaNinja> Yes! It's our little band secret....we do it always!

<xxtriinu4everxx> Kuidas teil läheb?
VanillaNinja Hästi!!! Meil läheb hästi aga me igatseme eestit! Hästi palju!
<ninjagirl115> What is your biggest wish??
VanillaNinja To fulfill our dreams..........
<Ölapaloma> Which ingredients are a must on you pizza?
VanillaNinja We just had a pizza in our room..but need shrimps on every food! This is a totally must!
<yvi-16> Which languages do you can speak? You are the best!
VanillaNinja Estonian, german, english and russian and finnish!
<Julian> Do like hip hop or r'n'b?
VanillaNinja Only in clubs we like rnb and hip hop <sometimes>!
<littlegothgirl> Are the fans in germany different to the fans in other countries?
VanillaNinja are fans!

<nelly112> Was ist euer Lieblingssong vom Album Blue Tattoo?
VanillaNinja We can't choose! We loooove the album so much! It's super hyper mega cool!
<chronixxx> Wie müssen eure Traummänner aussehen?
VanillaNinja He should be a superhero!
<Oldi> What is necessary for your breakfast?
VanillaNinja Smoothie!
<blueninja> What are your favorit Citys of Germany?
VanillaNinja Köln and Berlin and and and...Dresden is niceee!
<lukasfan123> Do you have pets?
VanillaNinja Triinu - dog, fishes, cat, 2 parrots! Kati - 2 cats ,parrot, rabbit! Lenna - dog!

<GAST> Hi girls, do you have a lot of freetime right now? Or do you have stress with your new album and the tour? Hegdl
VanillaNinja We don't have free time at all...we have lot to do!
<faluna> Was würdet ihr auf eine einsamme Insel mitnehmen?
VanillaNinja Our superheros...and music! And boat so we can go back when we want!
<r3born> Where do you like to travel?
VanillaNinja home home home! E.s.t.o.n.i.a.!
<faluna> wie würdet ihr eure Charaktereigenschaften beschreiben?
VanillaNinja Think about our first song....<TOUGH ENOUGH> that says everything!

<RobbiFan> If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?
VanillaNinjaThat the plane-tickets would be freeeee!
VanillaNinja ...sest me peame tööd tegemame igatseme väga kodumaad. Eesti on meie jaoks alati rokkind!
<alexklawsisvollcool> Habt ihr außergewöhnliche Wünsche?
VanillaNinja No. We are just normal humans!
<Frank567> What was the last concert you´ve been to?
VanillaNinja Sub Dub Micromachine! In basel!
<alexklawsisvollcool> Was würdet ihr gerne mal in den Schlagzeilen über euch lesen?
VanillaNinja we would like to read the truth! No crap please!

<lukasfan123> Do you like shopping?
VanillaNinja Yes. Especially in Japan! There is really cool stuff!
<ninjasandy> Wie lebt es sich in einer Mädchen-WG?
VanillaNinja It's fun. We like to cook there and wash our clothes!
<faluna> How was our first kiss?
VanillaNinja With 'Kiss'?
<Kimmy> Can you imagine to become an actress?
VanillaNinja Yes. Never know..
<GAST> Do you have nicknames?
VanillaNinja Yes. Piret-Piretti, Kati-Kati, Triinu-Trooja, Lenna-Lenver!
<hamster1p> Esst ihr gerne Süßigkeiten?
VanillaNinja Yes,  we love sweets!

<Suse111> Do you have a drivers-license?
VanillaNinja Only Kati has!
VanillaNinja thank you all for coming here today to talk with was cool! And we all hope to see u at our tour..we love you! And also our estonian fans!
<r3born> Keep on rocking! You are always be welcome in Germany. Kiss!
VanillaNinja Eesti rokkks


2018. Július
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